You can be what you can see.

Logia is a Logos initiative which seeks to support women who are considering pursuing postgraduate Divinity education or who are already students or staff at this level.

As a part of the Logos Institute, we will be particularly interested in bringing the disciplines of philosophy, theology, and biblical studies into conversation. By equipping women at this level, more qualified women will be ready and able to enter the academy and the church.

This initiative is headed up under the direction of Christa McKirland.

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Logia’s aims are both internal and external:

Internal Aims

  • To create contexts for women to meet for mutual support both personally and academically.
  • To facilitate mentorships between women MLitt/undergraduate and Ph.D. students.
  • To promote the Divinity disciplines among the University of St. Andrews undergraduate population.
  • To invite staff to share their experiences and offer advice to budding scholars.
  • To address gender-sensitive topics through formal presentations.
  • To provide avenues for women students to present research or run personalized workshops.

External Aims

  • To provide a platform of visibility for women’s stories via ongoing Blog posts.
  • To create spaces for networking women with each other, publishers, and men who want to support women in the academy and the church.
  • To begin to address the systemic inhibitors to women’s participation in the Divinity disciplines:
    • Engage with local educators at the secondary level.
      • Career days: Communicate career opportunities for women.
    • Connect with local ministers about equipping women theologically.
    • Host faith-specific conferences/seminars for women to see what is possible and create contexts for them to ask their questions directly.
    • Encourage women from the majority-world to pursue further training through organizational outreach.

If you would like to find out more about this initiative, please contact Christa McKirland (Director of Logia) at cm373@st-andrews.ac.uk