Research Fellows

Dr Joshua Cockayne is currently working on the philosophy of spiritual practice. He is writing about the role of the community in our knowledge and experience of God, our ability to engage with God and the way we understand the actions of the Church.Joshua completed his PhD in 2016 in the Department of Philosophy at the University of York. His research focused on the spiritual life and the writings of Søren Kierkegaard. Prior to coming to St. Andrews, he worked as an associate lecturer in Philosophy at the University of York.

Joshua has published on Kierkegaard, the philosophy of spiritual practice and Christian spirituality. He was awarded the Religious Studies essay prize twice, in 2014 and 2015.

His recent publications include:

  • ‘Imitation and contemporaneity: Kierkegaard on the imitation of Christ’, The Heythrop Journal, forthcoming
  • ‘Prayer as God-knowledge (via self)’, Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook, forthcoming
  • ‘The Dark Knight of the Soul: Weaning and the problem of divine withdrawal’ Religious Studies, forthcoming
  • ‘Experiencing the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist’, Journal of Analytic Theology, forthcoming (Co-authored with David Efird, Gordon Haynes, August Ludwigs, Daniel Molto, Richard Tamburro and Jack Warman)
  • ‘Contemporaneity and Communion: Kierkegaard on the personal presence of Christ’ British Journal for the History of Philosophy, vol. 25.1, pp. 41-62
  • ‘The Imitation Game: Becoming Imitators of Christ’ Religious Studies, vol. 53.1, pp. 3-24
  • ‘Empathy and Divine Union in Kierkegaard: Solving the faith/history problem in Philosophical FragmentsReligious Studies, vol. 51.4, pp. 455-76


Dr Dru Johnson is an associate professor of biblical and theological studies at The King’s College (New York City, NY); editor, Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Biblical Criticism monograph series; associate director of the Templeton Jewish Philosophical Theology Project at The Herzl Institute (Israel); co-chair of the Hebrew Bible and Philosophy unit in the Society of Biblical Literature; and formerly a Templeton Research Fellow in Analytic Theology at the Institute for Advanced Studies—Shalem Center (Jerusalem). 

His scholarly books include:
His popular books include: