Matthew Joss


I come from various places in the Southeast of the USA, most recently Waxhaw, NC.



M.A. Philosophy, Southern Evangelical Seminary

M.A. Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary

B.A. History, Bryan College


Thesis Topic

I am investigating reasoning and confirmation in biblical interpretation. What happens when we sit down with a text—how do we come to a belief about its meaning? Once we have interpretations, how does the individual or community decide between conflicting interpretations? In my thesis I make use of several areas in the philosophy of science including confirmation, realism / anti-realism, and abduction.  Applying these tools to the hermeneutic process I hope to give an account of how Christians come to beliefs and determine which is best.


Other Interests

A. lot. of. random. things. These include (but are not limited to) philosophy of religion, theological anthropology, the metaphysics of trauma, low energy housing, heat engines, photography, movies (just watching, not making), sports (now watching not playing), woodworking, military history, and the perfection of man’s greatest invention—pizza.