Jon Kelly

Oceanside, California; Boulder, Colorado; and Neenah, Wisconsin

MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Biola University

BA in Religion, Faith Evangelical Seminary

AA in Biblical Studies, Calvary Chapel Bible College

Thesis Topic
My research will explore the transformation of the human person from a biblical, philosophical, and scientific viewpoint. I am specifically interested in the ongoing sanctification of the regenerated Christian and a Pauline understanding of the renewal of the mind (Romans 12:2). However, my account will also engage transformation more broadly including human persons religious or not. I will argue that a key distinction between what is natural and what is spiritual (1 Corinthians 15:44) can better identify the type of transformation seen in various human persons.

Working within a biblical ontology I will explore the human quality of plasticity found in neuroscience (neuroplasticity) and developmental biology (phenotypic plasticity). I will argue that in a similar way to which plasticity is instrumental for neuro and biological transformation, so also is the human soul (and mind) able to be restructured. Here, my natural vs spiritual distinction is a key identifier. My hope is to give a more accurate account of transformation in human persons and thus strengthen the Christian and non-Christian and benefit the church and society at large.