Aaron Davis


Wendell, North Carolina, US


ThM, Union Presbyterian Seminary

MDiv, Union Presbyterian Seminary

BA in Religious Studies, North Carolina State University

Thesis Topic

Aaron’s thesis proposes a theology of healthcare rationing aimed at ensuring the dignity of disabled persons is upheld in clinical settings. In response to the common experience of practitioners attempting to “fix” disabilities as a primary mode of care, he suggests that a theologically informed approach to the juridical and policy structures which shape the healthcare of disabled persons could contribute positively to their well-being. More particularly, Aaron argues that disabled persons could be better enabled to flourish through a focus on the functional outcomes of their care (i.e., how treatment protocols help a patient participate in society) rather than presuming that normalization (i.e., changing someone’s body or mind so that it is more statistically typical) accomplishes the same task. 

Other Interests

Aaron also writes on various topics in soteriology, eschatology, and Christology with work appearing in publications like the Journal of Analytic TheologyTheoLogica, and the Scottish Journal of Theology. Outside the office, he enjoys unsurprisingly nerdy activities like Dungeons & Dragons and various video games as well as surprisingly un-nerdy hobbies like rock climbing and fishing. Aaron is the husband of contemporary portrait artist, Shelby Scattergood, and the two live near St Andrews with their ragdoll and sphynx cats, Bumi and Raina.