Jonathan Rutledge

Arlington, Texas (USA)


MA & PhD in Philosophy, University of Oklahoma (2013, 2016)

BA in Philosophy, Baylor University (2010)

Thesis Topic
I’m writing on the nature of forgiveness as it has been informed by the Christian tradition. The project is partly exegetical in deriving the fundamental understanding of Christian forgiveness from Biblical texts, partly theological in implementing that understanding of forgiveness as a constraint on the adequacy of other theological topics such as atonement and eschatology, and partly philosophical insofar as all of the above work requires a careful analysis of theological models and an acute sensitivity to the vast resources of the philosophical literature on the nature of forgiveness.

  1. “An Epistemological Corrective for Doctrines of Assurance,” European Journal for Philosophy of Religion (forthcoming)
  2. “Commonsense, Skeptical Theism, and Different Sorts of Closure of Inquiry Defeat,” Faith and Philosophy (forthcoming)
  3. “The Parent Analogy: a reassessment,” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion(forthcoming)
  4. “Skeptical Theism, Moral Skepticism, and Epistemic Propriety,” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (forthcoming)

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