Tiago Martins


Lisboa, Portugal


PGDip Theology, University of Oxford (part time/incomplete)
CTS Theology, University of Oxford

M.A. Political Philosophy, Nova University of Lisboa

B.A. Law, University of Lisboa

Thesis Topic

My topic lies at a crucial intersection between theology and ethics (with repercussions in areas such as legal theory and psychology): How can we account for a God who is good when judging people according to what they deserve and good when forgiving or otherwise treating them against what they deserve? This (at least apparent) inconsistency can also be ethically expressed as follows: (1) it is good that people get what they deserve, (2) forgiveness consists in people not getting what they deserve (not in people getting something regardless of what they deserve) and (3) forgiveness is morally good. My aim is articulating a theological response that informs and challenges the other related disciplines.
Other Interests

Besides all things theology and the life of Christian discipleship in the communion of saints: music production, music technology; recently into watercolour; bread baking; learning Python (once time allows). Also interested in people, as one ought to.