Taylor Telford

Just outside Boise, the capital city of the Gem State, in the mountainous state of Idaho.

Upon graduating from Eagle High School, she moved to Spokane, Washington and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Whitworth University (class of 2011). After serving as a youth ministry intern in Spokane for a year, she moved to Princeton, New Jersey to pursue her Masters of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary. Following graduation (class of 2015), she was ordained to a year-long pastoral residency position at a Presbyterian Church (USA) New Church Development in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thesis Topic
Taylor is interested in the doctrine of reconciliation, particularly in the works of Karl Barth and the Pauline letters in the New Testament. She is studying the connection between forgiveness and freedom with the hope of illuminating a way forward for reconciliation both within her own denomination and the broader church family.