Mitchell Mallary

Hometown: Cordova, Illinois (USA)


PhD, University of St Andrews (ongoing)

BA in Christian Theology; Biblical Studies, Judson University (2017)

Dissertation Title:

Jesus, History, and Revelation: Resourcing Karl Barth and N. T. Wright Toward a Christology Without Natural Theology


Mitchell’s primary area of research focuses on theological epistemology, particularly as it pertains to the relationship between history and revelation within the sphere of Christology. The primary interlocutors for his dissertation are Karl Barth and N. T. Wright. His research will have implications for a Christian attitude toward natural theology, while also shedding light on the debates surrounding the ‘apocalyptic’ approach to biblical scholarship, methodological naturalism, and theological historiography.

His interests also include the institution of the monarchy in the ancient Near East, the development and purpose of messianism, the ongoing debates within ‘early high Christology’, the logic of patristic orthodoxy, and the post-Reformation deliberations concerning thecommunicatio idiomatum.

Mitchell previously studied theology and biblical studies at Judson University in Elgin, Illinois (USA), where he focused time and attention on second temple Judaism, postliberal biblical hermeneutics, Christology, eschatology, and the relationship between theology and the natural sciences.


“Resurrection and Priesthood in the Epistle to the Hebrews,” Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa 42, no. 2 (2018).

Bifocal Vision: Taking Christology to Church (contracted with Wipf & Stock)