Essay Competition

Logos Institute Essay Writing Competition

Are you considering undergraduate studies in theology or religious studies? If so, the Logos Institute is hosting a UK-wide essay writing competition for British students in their final two years of High School.

The ten best essays will receive a prize of £150 plus an all-expenses paid spring school at the University of St Andrews. Furthermore, one exceptionally able student will be awarded a full fee scholarship to study theology and/or biblical studies at the University of St Andrews as well as a £2000 towards their living expenses (subject to passing the normal entrance requirements for the programme).

Those interested can choose from 7 different essay prompts which address some of the “big questions” of the Christian faith. Essays should be 1,500 words in length. An application must be submitted alongside the essay.

How to Apply:

Download and complete the application below.

Choose one of the six prompts and write a 1,500-word essay response.

Email the application and essay to with the subject line “Essay Competition 2019”.

Download Application Here

Download Flyer Here 

Criteria for Marking Here

Essay Prompts

  1. It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” (W.K. Clifford.) Evaluate this claim and discuss the implications of your conclusions for Christian belief.
  2. Evaluate one argument for the existence of God.
  3. Is the problem of evil a conclusive argument against the existence of God?
  4. Why is Jesus Christ important for Christian belief?
  5. Does the theory of evolution constitute a challenge to Christian faith?
  6. If we believe God does not exist does that have implications for how we think about morality?
  7. If God is an agent in historical events, can historical research recognise this fact? On what grounds might one argue that persons or events in history generate or mediate knowledge of God?

Closing Date

Essays and applications must be submitted before Midnight on 15 December 2019.

Selection Process

Download marking rubric Here

The top ten finalists will be interviewed via Skype or Zoom to confirm eligibility.

The decision of the selection committee is final and cannot be disputed.


  1. Essays should be 1,500 words or less (Not including title page, bibliography or references).
  2. The essay should answer one of the seven essay prompts.
  3. Each student may submit only one essay.
  4. Please include a separate title page which will include the essay title, your name, and your school.
  5. All essays must be accompanied by the application found on this page.
  6. All essays must be written in English.
  7. Applicants of the 2018 essay competition may reapply, but must choose a new essay prompt.
  8. This competition is only open to UK citizens.
  9. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  10. The winners will be announced by the 15th of February 2020.