Andy Everhart

Chicago, IL
MA in Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
MA in Church History, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
BA in Bible and Theology, Moody Bible Institute
Thesis Topic
In my topic, I am exploring the relationship between Christology and gender. If it is in Christ that our humanity is made new and in Him that our humanity is revealed to us, then it stands to reason that Christ must also reveal to us specifically what it means to be male and female in the image of God. Following Barth’s concept of gender as mutually revealing, the “I” made known only in the presence of “Thou”, I would like to further explore the significance of gendered humanity and what it means for both male and female to be made whole in Christ. As such, this topic stands at the intersection of several issues in Christology currently being explored by analytic theologians and many pressing questions facing the Church concerning gender, equality, and the inherent dignity of all human persons as bearers of God’s image.
Other Interests
While my main interests are Christology and theological anthropology, I also have a keen interest in sacramentology, ecumenism, racial reconciliation, the Trinity, and the doctrine of sin. I have additionally spent a significant amount of time studying Church history, namely the lives and works of John Calvin, John Williamson Nevin, Karl Barth, and T. F. Torrance. When I’m not studying theology and Church history, I enjoy playing unreasonably complicated board games, reading fantasy/sci-fi literature, and hiking with my wife, Anna, and my daughter, Auria.