Christa McKirland

Fayetteville, Georgia

BA in Philosophy and Women’s Studies at the University of Georgia; Master of Arts in Bible Exposition and a Master of Theology in Systematic Theology from Talbot School of Theology

Thesis topic
I am proposing a framework for engaging particular aspects of theological anthropology. Most specifically, how a Christologically telosed understanding of the imago Dei informs both the constitution and orientation of human desire.

When I am not reading or working on my project, I enjoy playing with my daughter, Raya, and watching anything Marvel with my husband, Matthew. Also, since we are now living in the birthplace of golf, I am enjoying trying my hand at this sport.


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Under Contract

McKirland, Christa L. “Era of Kings: Huldah: Malfunction with the Wardrobe-Keeper’s Wife,” in Vindicating the Vixens: Men and Women Revisiting Gendered Bible Stories, edited by Sandra Glahn. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 2016.

Work Submitted

McKirland, Christa L. “The Image of God and Intersex Persons.” Submitted to an integrative journal for Psychology and Theology.